Photographs & Poetry
Dick Ruddy (photography) and Julie Dunleavy (poems)
Revised and Updated: July 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9833498-3-9

A collection of poems and poetic images recognizing the possibility that places may or may not be haunted but that all people are haunted without exception.

There is nothing more to this little book than combining the joy of the written word with the love of photographic imagery. There was no intended theme to the project and only vague notions of how we might display or share the finished work. It was only in discussing a title for this book that we noticed that nearly all the poems and images dealt with “haunting” in one form or another. The title photo and poem literally deal with a supposedly haunted house. Other images and words deal with the far more complex world of haunting experienced by all people: doubt, death, loneliness, fear of the future, ambition, love and friendship, longing and dreams.






The Room

Lonely the emptiness.
Shadows sway.
Light illuminates detail,
overcomes hesitation.
Voices seeped into wood
echo through time.

History resurrects.
and dancing
together again
in our circles of love.
The room warms,
invites the new.






Dawson Cemetery
They died the same day,
October 22, 1913,
all two hundred sixty-three
men in the mine,
the rules ignored
two days after inspection.

What gave the men in charge,
the ones with the power
who sent them down,
the right not to protect life and love,
to make small what matters most
in the relentless impersonal?

Jolted asunder were
all hearts in the village.
No exceptions.
Grief’s river dug
deep into the rocky soil.

The Angel of Mercy
hid out in the brush
that day.
Where was God,
any god,
to make it right?

A near century later
the silken threads of love
between those who waited above
and the men below
still rise from each iron cross
into the eternal echo.


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