Frame of Mind
Timothy B. Anderson, author
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ISBN: 978-09833498-2-2
Revised and Updated: March 2011

Whether dealing with family, friends, or lovers, poetry has been the tool of choice for writers, throughout history, to express the full emotional makeup, good as well as not so good, that is “relationship.” The more than 80 poems contained within the covers of Frame of Mind reflect a lifetime of experience in the process of growth.
Rising and Falling
Rising and falling,
a chest once more filled
with the luxurious air and beautiful scents
of the French house on 10 rue Ferlus.
A vision in the dappled sunlight
and slight shadow of the second floor window
where I worked and wrote
in that Soreze summer as a breeze played
with the hem of her dress,
gently teasing it up and down.

Nipples harden beneath the thin cotton garment;
perhaps from a dream of pleasure,
a dream of love among the clouds
as her body shifted, ever so slightly;
breath quickening, chest rising and falling,
a mouth barely open as if to release
the build up of heat and passion while
hands moved lazily across her stomach
with one moving slowly to a breast
the other slipping to a place…below.

The clip-clop of shoes and sandals
served to announce people
walking along the narrow street below,
seeming as music to her ears,
while she continued the play begun
with the draw of the curtain
and the opening of the window…
I was careful to not move too quickly, too harshly,
during this afternoon of slow movements
and undisturbed luxury on pillows and quilts.
Carnival in Red
A romantic Latin rhythm vibrates
and soulfully sways deep into the night
caressing and teasing artful dodgers
moving in unison on the crowded floor.

The moonlight and the madness
hauntingly tugged at my obsessed being
as the throbbing bass drove and twisted
in perfect tempo with pulsing drums.

Keyboards and quarter notes tickled in tune
with swirling dresses and soaring feet
while stars twinkled and electrified each partner
with unbridled and equally untamed passion.

An amorous sax segued toward the dawn
sultry and sensuous in its urgency
to unify and propel the consumed assemblage
into a state of euphoria and divine release.

A woman in red undulated others aside
as she was stricken by the harmonies lilting
from deep within each executioner of the muse
as they became one and one became all.
A Symbiotic Refrain
And what of this muse of my madness,
this all-consuming cacophonic craft of creation
that ceaselessly drives me from comforting arms
toward and over a hauntingly familiar edge
of despair, insecurity, poverty and incisive pain
ever-relentless in its insistent lyrical lure
of release from the ties that torment—and

How much longer will the charade last
as I rhyme my life from within cells of solitude
while continuing to be without its sustenance
and acknowledging the paths of other disparate denizens
who penned past the point of extinction
mythic parables in the direction of deaf ears—where

Home and rest for the soul is unknown…
in a life where the corners have no names
while making a million decisions with little meaning
for my heart is a jagged-edged puzzle
in aimless pursuit of its missing-in-action pieces
as time stills in veiled anticipation—of

Canyons and confusion echoing from the point of no return
urging reply from ne’er-do-well money mongers
with eternity measured in discordant heart-beats
as faceless images advance and retreat without relief
continuing to taunt as the tease is sharpened
urging the final count of ten to be taken—until

Sabotage of self is readily evident…
in an unsolicited effort to understand the persistent pain
when veins are emptied of life’s metaphors
testing the waters of the eternal fountain
as it anoints and whets a starving being
hungry for what it contains—and what it all means…


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