Frame of Mind
Timothy B. Anderson, author
$14.95, inquire for shipping
ISBN: 978-09833498-2-2
Revised and Updated: March 2011

Whether dealing with family, friends, or lovers, poetry has been
the tool of choice for writers, throughout history, to express the
full emotional makeup, good as well as not so good, that is
“relationship.” The more than 80 poems contained within the
covers of Frame of Mind reflect a lifetime of experience in the
process of growth.
Friday Night Grind:
Bourbon Street, New Orleans
Jackie Brenner, author and photographer
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ISBN: 0-9762523-3-3
Printed in Italy

The old world character of New Orleans is at once elegant, cultured, and refined, yet dilapidated, boisterous, and vulgar. To document these abundant eccentricities, Jackie Brenner is drawn to subjects that expose the night people of her hometown with Bourbon Street and its strip clubs as the perfect tease. To gain entry into this darkened, shadowy world was difficult.

Friday nights, better known as date night in the Crescent City, were chosen to penetrate the fantasy, harshness, and humanity of the stripper’s world; to become a witness to the reality of their “otherwordly” existence. These are women who find the amount of money that can be earned too hard to pass up regardless of the consequences. They are a little bit of everyone just trying to make it through the day using whatever resources are available.

George DeWolfe: In understanding the inscrutability of this unknown dark side of humanity by carefully looking at Jackie’s images, it might just be possible to see a beauty overlaying the misery that lies beneath Jackie’s images.

Josephine Sacabo: When I turned over the last print in the box (of images that were sent to her by Jackie) I knew that I had been in the presence of an exceptionally honest and clear-eyed artist, one who really saw and understood. A dollar bill stuck in a woman’s crotch; another woman hanging like a piece of meat on a hook.

Haunted: Poetry and Photography
Julie Dunleavy and Dick Ruddy
ISBN: 978-0-9833498-3-9

A collection of poems and poetic images recognizing the possibility that places may or may not be haunted but that all people are haunted without exception.

There is nothing more to this little book than combining the joy of the written word with the love of photographic imagery. There was no intended theme to the project and only vague notions of how we might display or share the finished work. It was only in discussing a title for this book that we noticed that nearly all the poems and images dealt with “haunting” in one form or another. The title photo and poem literally deal with a supposedly haunted house. Other images and words deal with the far more complex world of haunting experienced by all people: doubt, death, loneliness, fear of the future, ambition, love and friendship, longing and dreams.