Juggle and Hide

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Juggle and Hide is award-winning writer Sharon van Ivan’s dizzying story of her unconventional, often harrowing, sometimes hilarious life. With a childhood split between time with her alcoholic mother in Akron, Ohio and her bookie dad in Brooklyn, New York, as well as other challenging family members along the way, she was destined to find comfort on the edge and in the company of highly creative and self-destructive individuals. Hers is a story of getting drunk and
getting sober, of
triumphs and failures in her work as an actor and screenwriter, and of exhilarating love affairs, including her twenty-year relationship with the renowned artist Charles Pfahl. Quirky and compelling, Juggle and Hide is a must read, engaging on many levels. Sharon van Ivan takes the reader for a roller coaster ride into the depths of personal tragedy and unexpected outcomes.”